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These are our last stock of B-grade wolf plushies. Once they are sold out, there will be no more for this year. It will be replaced by new wolf plushies (Kickstarter) that will be released late this year or early next year. It's possible we may restock these plushies next year, but it can only happen if there is enough requests for it. Please wait for us to add a restock add-on, so you can request for a restock notification via email.

We have done a quality check for each wolf plush, so everything is as described. SALES ARE FINAL. If you want to see photos of the defects, please contact me. Thank you!

Quality Check:

  • A - odd face, rip on the back leg
  • B - under the eye has a light pink stain from blush, mouth stitching not straight, no rips
  • C - odd face, no rips
  • D - odd face, no rips
  • E - odd face, mouth stitching is thin, no rips
  • F - odd face, noticeable pink stain on the back of the tail, little rip on the foot
  • G - odd face, no rips
  • H - odd face, no rips
  • I - damaged nose, no rips
  • J - odd face, no rips
  • K - noticeable yellow stains on the back, no rips
  • L - black stain on eye, no rips